In our fast lifestyle where working for long hours has become a daily schedule, we spend our days staring either on our laptop screens or our cell phones. Owing to our hectic schedules, we barely get a complete full stretched beauty sleep of eight hours. Although it causes fatigue, what makes it more repulsive is the bagginess that your underslept eyes have to carry. Continuous staring into screens and lesser sleep with each passing day can give some seriously ugly dark circles.

However, since it is not possible for use to comprise with work, you can do the best for your eyes by and your look by using Revision Teamine Eye Complex. It rejuvenates the nerves and skin cells around your eyes to prevent the dark circles that might form due to burden, lack of sleep and so many other reasons. Made with a readily absorbable complex, this serum cum creme penetrates deep into your skin, healing your cells and making your appearance seem youthful again. Here’s how it works;

Teamine Eye Complex Review

Revision Teamine Eye ComplexOur face suffers maximum beauty damage when your eyes start getting saggy. They lose their brightness and appearance, making your eyes look aged and tired. With the application of this serum, you hold up your skin’s continuously degrading quality. It gives your skin a radiant glow to make you appear more youthful. Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, an ingredient used in making this eye complex is known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in a way that you can see visible results after a few usages.

Regular usage gives you an agelessly glowing skin that is free from the drawbacks of sleep deprived routine.  The complex also used grape seed oil and extracts of green tea. Both these ingredients act as a beneficial anti-oxidant which helps you keep off the free radicals responsible for damaging your skin. THD, a vitamin C complex used in beauty crèmes is another ingredient.

Its citric action works or skin to make it more firm and brighter. In a way, it makes up for the fruits that you do not find time to eat by at least providing your skin the nutrition that a citrus fruit like orange or lemon could have given. For hydration and moisturization of skin, Sodium Hyaluronate is used in the compound. Dehydrated and patchy skin the main reason behind wrinkles and skin aging. With Sodium Hyaluronate being present for hydration, you can forget about your skin ever looking dry or aged.

Using the Teamine Eye Complex each night before going to bed and even for some time during the day nap can give your eye area an unmatched bounce. Within a week of regular application, you will start noticing the difference that this fantastic combination of natural ingredients makes on your skin.  For best results, try to combine it proper hours of sleep and the continuous staring at screens won’t have any harm on your eyes.


  1. It can bring back the lost plumpness and beauty of areas under eye within a week’s time.
  2. It uses natural organics like green tea and grape seed oil for antioxidants.
  3. Sodium hyaluronate hydrates your skin from within and keeps it ageless and glowing.
  4. Regular application can prevent any aftermaths of long work hours.

Final Verdict

Priced at $49.10, the Teamine Eye Complex might appear to be a bit over priced but when you look at the benefits it renders, and how effective it is in getting your rid of dark under eyes and baggy eye, you’ll find that it is value for money. In a modern life where beauty has become secondary to work, using this creme can help your maintain your work life and your skin’s beauty regime at the same pace. It is a product worth investing in.

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