Minerals and proteins play an extremely vital role in overall body growth. Hairs are no different, and they too require a certain amount of proteins and minerals which can act as a catalyst to make them grow and keep them healthy. There are several vitamins, proteins, and minerals which are must for hairs. One of those vitamins which are required and keep your hair awesome is biotin. Biotin is a potent Vitamin also known as vitamin B7, found in several foods and other natural things. Biotin aids the growth of hair, nails and it also keeps the skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Biotin is especially good for hairs, it aids the growth and adds shines to the hair along with adding volume and strength. Today there are numerous shampoos which have biotin and other equally important ingredients such as collagen which is responsible for reducing hair loss and also improving skin cell condition significantly. One such biotin shampoo which has collagen in it and is good to use if you want to change your regular shampoo is Renpure Biotin and Collagen shampoo; it has some good qualities which can make your hairs look great.

Review of Renpure Originals Biotin and Collagen Shampoo

Renpure Biotin and Collagen ShampooUsually, all the products from Renpure are high performing, and they deliver good results. The biotin and collagen shampoo is a wonderful blend of vitamin b7 also known as biotin and collagen. It not only infuses the hairs with a good amount of nutrients but it also takes care of every single hair gently. The biotin adds the growth and shines while the collagen, on the other hand, adds volume and dimensions to the hairs to make them look good. It had several other important nutrients such as keratin and hydrolyzed wheat protein which provides healthier looking hairs.

Apart from making hair healthier from depression within, the Renpure biotin and collagen shampoo makes the hair shiny and allows them to retain their color naturally. During summers and winters when the weather becomes extreme hairs may become dry, and if the dryness is ignored it may damage the hairs severely, but with a single use, this shampoo keeps your hairs hydrated naturally for almost a week.

As it is a completely natural product, there are no chemicals infused in its formula. It is dermatologically tested and can work wonders if used regularly.


  1. It has no chemicals infused in its formula.
  2. It is completely natural and does to have any side effects.
  3. It contains biotin which is responsible for hair growth.
  4. Along with biotin it also has collagen and keratin which are responsible for adding the volume and dimension to the hairs thus, making hairs thicker and good looking.
  5. It controls dandruff effectively.
  6. It has zero harmful components such as sodium chloride, dyes, and other harsh salts.
  7. It comes in a travel-friendly bottle.
  8. It is easily available and is cost effective.


This shampoo is a good one to try as it has an all-natural formula and is completely harmless. With added minerals and nutrients it can surely be tried and then can be used regularly if it matched your preferences.

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