Today there are a variety of shampoo and other hair care products available in the market, from nourishing to removing dandruff, they have all the qualities infused in them. Talking about all these products, very rarely you’ll find that these products are free from chemicals and have all-natural ingredients. Renpure is one such brand which is an expert in making natural products with no chemicals.

They have a wide range of hair care products available as well. There are many natural ingredients coconuts, for instance, have a host of benefits. Along with being gentle, they are also very powerful in removing all the hair problems and making the hairs healthier again. One such hair care product from Renpure is the coconut cream shampoo which can work wonders on your hairs. With this shampoo, you won’t have to buy any other hair product such as conditioner or hair serum separately. It has everything good but nothing bad.

Renpure Coconut cream shampoo review

Renpure Coconut Cream Nourishing ShampooMore often than not the shampoos which claim to do good to your hairs will affect them badly in the long run. The coconut cream shampoo from Renpure can rescue you if you are not sure which shampoo to choose. This shampoo from Renpure has many wonderful benefits it not only lubricates but also strengthens your hairs from the roots.

Today when the pollution is rising, your hairs can be seriously damaged if not taken proper care of. The coconut cream shampoo protects the hairs from getting damaged from any external reasons. Unlike another shampoo, this protects every single hair and work effectively on all of them.

The main benefits which hairs will get from this amazing cream shampooer countless, it makes the hairs shiny, unbelievably soft and a fresh feel. The coconut which is the main ingredient of the shampoo is known for its benefits. The coconut shampoo has microstructures which give complete and an all-around protection to the hairs. It also removes all foreign particles along with dandruff which are stuck in the hair for a long time.

Another good thing about the shampoo is that it contains no harmful chemicals such as sodium chloride, ammonia, dye, and sulfates.

Main ingredients

  1. Purified water
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Kernel oil
  4. Palm oil
  5. Citric acid.

Major highlights

  1. It has all natural ingredients, i.e.; it is entirely chemical free.
  2. The coconut oil is its base component which protects your hair from various things and nourishes them properly.
  3. It contains no sodium chloride, ammonia, sulfates or dyes.
  4. It can be used even after dyeing.
  5. It can be used on color treated hairs.
  6. It provides good moisture, proper shine and lubricates the hairs.
  7. it has unique microstructures that protect each single hair.
  8. it provides protection against dandruff and foreign particles.
  9. it has an amazing fragrance.


There is a growing demand for natural hair care products in the market, and Renpure Coconut cream shampoo is a good hair care product and can do wonders if used properly and timely. It is also well received by its customers, and if you are looking to change your shampoo for a natural one, this shampoo can be the best alternative to them.

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