prevent dark spot on your faceWho doesn’t want to get a healthy and glowing skin once they wake up in the mornings? But many times, to your extreme displeasure, we wake up with a new bout of pimples, boils, dark circles or tired looking skin. This disturbs our mood for the entire day and keeps us stressed all day long. However, on following a certain routine, one can get a healthy and glowing skin and wake up looking more and more gorgeous every day.

Cleanse Your Face of Make-Up and Moisturize Before Sleeping

This is a very important step to have a glowing skin in the morning. Many times, due to sheer laziness, women tend to sleep without removing their makeup from their faces. The foundation and the heavy concealers block the skin pores, and the impurities settle on the face causing boils, pimples, and acne. The skin rejuvenates and makes new cells when a person sleeps at night, and so it is very essential to keep the skin breathing free at night. One should also apply a nice night cream to moisturize the skin at night. The dead skin cells give way to supple looking new skin. The heavy chemicals used in the makeup also cause a lot of damage to the skin. It is important to use organic, or naturally makeup products to maintain the youthful glow of the skin.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is considered a universal medicine for all kinds of skin ailments. The more the water one drinks, the more toxins are flushed out of the body. Impurities and toxins present in the blood show up on the face in the form of pimples and marks. To maintain a healthy and glowing skin and to wake up gorgeous every morning, one should inculcate the habit of having at least eight glasses of water every day. This keeps the skin well hydrated.

Sleep For at Least 8 Hours

Proper sleep is must maintain the glow and shine on one’s face. A tired and dull face is many times due to lack of proper sleep. This causes fatigue and stress in the body which further reflects on the skin. Skin cells work only when the body is sleeping, and dead skin cells give way to newer ones. To speed up the process of rejuvenation one should sleep for at least 8 hours of sleep. Proper sleep also helps one get rid of dark circles which look terrible on the face and hinders one from looking gorgeous.

Eat 2 Hours Before Going to Bed

It is also very necessary to have a gap of 2 hours before one goes to sleep. Eating immediately before sleeping leads to weight gain and also provokes acidity and gastritis in many people. This shows on the face and skin when one wakes up in the night. Eating early also enables one to empty one’s stomach easily in the morning and promotes easy bowel movement. Constipation also is a major hindrance in gorgeous looks of a person.

Have a Healthy and Balanced Diet

And the most important factor in waking up beautiful every morning is to have a healthy and balanced diet every day and specially in the night. One should include plenty of vitamin E in the diet and other important minerals and vitamins which help in keeping the skin glowing, supple, well hydrated and gorgeous. Important vitamin and mineral supplements also when consumed from time to time enables one to have a gorgeous skin when one wakes up. A proper supply of important vitamins and minerals for the skin when giving to the body in the form of a balanced diet or supplements help the body to work on the skin at night when a person is sleeping. This gives a gorgeous skin when one wakes up.


As and when a person ages, the skin loses its natural moisture and its ability to rejuvenate faster than it did in the youth. But on following these important 5 tips, one can continue waking up gorgeous every morning. A time to time face clean up and proper scrubbing also clears the skin of the dead skin cells giving space for the new ones to develop. Nature has a wholesome list of skin vitamins and minerals which are easily available in certain fruits and vegetables. On regular consumption of such food items, one need not worry of waking up with a dull or tired looking skin.

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