Today you may have to face a number of skin related problems, and even acne can give you some serious tough time. Leave alone the acne there are several other skin problems such as dead skin cells, pimples sore skin spots and bristles etc. It becomes a real problem for people who have sensitive skin, and their skin is very much acne prone.

There are several products which claim to remove acne and pimples but do they work? Well some of them might work up to some extent but not all the products work. Before choosing a product for removing acne, you must decide which product you want to go for and is t product you are choosing safe for use? One such product which makes the life easier is the clarity serum from CosMedic. CosMedic is a world renowned brand which manufactures several personal care products, and it is widely trusted by the users. This product also has good reviews. Check the review below to know if the product work?

Review of CosMedic Clarity Serum

CosMedix Clarity SerumOne of the main reason that why acne products don’t work properly and fail to deliver proper result is because of all those product targets only single symptom of acne. They do not try to eliminate the cause of the problem, but this wonderful serum from CosMedic works wonders as it targets the root of acne thus eliminating all the acne related problems. The clarity serum has a very fine list of ingredients, and they are known to work effectively.

The main components are Pregnenolone and Retinol AGP, and they act as a catalyst to increase sebum production for cell turnover, Salicylic acid for unclogging process and Exfoliating, Niacinamide for cell detoxification, tea tree is also there for its famous anti-bacterial qualities, Willowherb for calming and aloe Vera for removing the inflammation. With all the natural ingredients, it is only wise to give it a try.

It is a lightweight serum which is easily absorbed by the skin, and it is potent as well, i.e., you won’t have to apply it in large quantity, and only a small will do the job. As there are no chemicals in it, you can use the serum twice a day. It is the fragrance where you might not like it as the fragrance is completely medicinal but that is what this serum is about, i.e., the result rather than a luxury. Although people might argue that the product is bit overpriced, one thing is sure that despite being overpriced, it will work and give you the results.


  1. It stops the acne from its root.
  2. It minimizes the oil production from within the skin, thus eliminating one of the main cause of the acne.
  3. It has Aloe Vera in it which removes the inflammation naturally.
  4. Unlike other acne removing products, it does not contain any harmful chemical.
  5. It has powerful yet gentle ingredients.
  6. It manages the complexion well and detoxifies it properly.
  7. It is easily available.


  1. The product is bit overpriced.


The health and beauty industry is filled with products which claim to treat the acne in twenty-four hours, but very rarely they work properly. While it is priced steeply, the CosMedic serum is specially formulated for treating all the acne types and prevent them from coming back again. It also removes the dead cells, and the good thing is that it does not have any side effects. You must go for this product if you have tried other products with no good results.

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