A beautiful smile goes a long way in public interaction. A lot of us are conscious of one of the most natural things out there, and that is of smiling. We are conscious of smiling mainly because of the bad condition of our teeth. A good smile includes health and white teeth, and when people do not have that, they end up smiling either nervously or by covering their mouth which takes a huge toll on their confidence. It is true that good teeth are the result of good dental hygiene. Taking proper care of our teeth and gums is a task that requires effort and time which is exactly what most of us do not have. We don’t have enough time to invest in good dental hygiene because of our very busy daily routines. One solution that has come to the fore as far as the whitening of teeth is concerned is teeth whitening kit.

Teeth whitening kit was first used only in the dentist’s office under professional supervision. But as time passed, the process has been simplified in such a way that it can be used by individuals in the comforts of their home without any issues. And that is why a lot of brands have come up with many different kinds of teeth whitening kits that are extremely effective in doing their job in just a few hours. In fact, there are some products that can whiten teeth in just half an hour which is a great development from the previous state of things. Read here some of the top teeth whitening kit available in the market today along with their reviews:

Shine Whitening Teeth Whitening Kit

shine-whitening teeth whitening kitShine Whitening teeth whitening kit is a very effective product that does exactly what it says. The way to use this whitening kit is very easy. The first thing you have to do is fill the recommended amount of gel into the mold and the fit that in your mouth. After that, it needs to keep on for five to fifteen minutes. Using this whitening kit every day for at least a week will show great improvement in the whiteness of the teeth. It is a very effective product that gives you the results you are looking for.

Since the individual has to fill the mold with gel himself, one should be following the proper instructions. The gel comes in a syringe that can be used to fill the mold. The excessive gel can cause leakage in the mouth when the mold is placed on the teeth. This gel is abrasive in nature so it can cause irritation to the gums and if someone is sensitive to this gel to a greater extent, it can also cause rashes.

Apart from that, the Shine teeth whitening kit is affordable and reliable. It shows results even after a few days of consistent usage. If you are looking for even quicker results, then this can also be used up to twice a day without any issues. All in all, for anyone looking for reliable teeth whitening kit, this product is perfect.

At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews

at home professional teeth whitening kitThe At home professional teeth whitening kit comes with 44% Carbamide peroxide that is extremely effective in whitening the teeth. It is very important for a whitening kit to be easy to use while being safe at the same time for it to be effective. Since this is an at home kit, great care must be taken while using it. The 44% carbide peroxide ensures that the gel that is used in this whitening kit is effective in making the teeth whiter in just a couple of uses.

The whitening kits that can be used at home without any supervision come with all the necessary equipment included in the product. This one is no different. There are 5 large syringes and also a mold included in the product so there is nothing that needs to be bought apart from what is available in the product.

One needs to fill the mold only up to half of its capacity with the teeth whitening gel. Only then can one ensure the safety of the gums. If the gel is filled to capacity of the mold then there will be leakage in the mouth and that will cause unnecessary irritation to the gums. It is best to consult a professional dentist if someone is using this product for the first time. But all in all, one can get used to this process with practice.

White N’ Brite – Professional 3D Teeth Whitening Kits

white-n-brite-professional-3d-teeth-whitening-kitsTeeth staining can be quite an issue for those who interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. Professionals who have to talk to a lot of people can get conscious of their stained teeth. Going to a dentist is an option but that can be very costly and with the advent of many teeth whitening kits in the market, it is not necessary at all. The White N’ Brite teeth whitening kit comes with all the necessary tools required for the whitening process.

The mold that comes with this product needs to be filled with the right amount of whitening gel and then applied to the teeth. It can be removed after around 15 minutes and this has to be done daily to get the best results. The one thing that is advised by the manufacturer is that one should start with little amount of time so that the sensitivity of the teeth can be gauged properly. Some people can have more sensitive teeth than others and it can cause a lot annoyance if the teeth become too sensitive.


Overall, this is an affordable whitening kit that is very effective and results in whiter teeth with every single use. In fact, the results can be seen after just one use. Regular usage will result in teeth several shades whiter and nicer.

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