If you like to have a gorgeous tan but don’t want to expose your skin to sun rays or dangerous UV rays then you should use one magical product which is becoming popular as self tanner. It is also know as sun less tanner. If you buy right self tanner then you will get that beautiful sun kissed glow on your body without spending time in sun light. You may heard many stories about how self tanning results into orange hands, dark creases etc because of the fake and low quality self tanners in the market. But if you know which self tanner is original then you don’t need to worry about these problems.

We have list of top 3 high quality self tanners in the market. If you want to buy a self tanner then you should check these best quality self tanners.

Top 3 Self Tanner

St Moriz Self TannerSt Moriz Self TannerCheck It Out
beauty by earth self tannerBeauty by Earth Self TannerCheck It Out
Sun Self TannerSun Self TannerCheck It Out

You just need to decide your budget and check which self tanner is matching with your budget and requirements. Hope you will like these top 3 self tanners in the market. If you have any question or doubt then you can ask me in comments or contact me through contact form of the site.

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