For all those people who are ardently fond of applying makeup, makeup brushes are an important tool. Not only is their functioning that makes them so appealing but also the way they can play the most prominent part in all major looks, be it the sculpt cheekbone look or the heavy eye shadow look. However, due to their different sizes and shapes, it gets pretty tough for a starter to pick out the correct makeup brush. It is one lesser known fact that all these sizes are for one special task each.

It is not difficult to find makeup brush on beauty shops but it is extremely difficult to find high quality makeup brush from huge number of low quality or fake products present in the market. Therefore we sorted these well researched top 3 makeup brushes in the market. Just decide your budget and requirements and you will find best possible makeup brush for your needs.

Top 3 Makeup Brushes

BS-MALLPremium Makeup Brush SetBS-MALL Premium
Makeup Brush Set
MEDIUMCheck It Out
Unimeix Makeup Brush SetUnimeix Makeup
Brush Set
MEDIUMCheck It Out
EmaxDesign 12 Piece Makeup Brush SetEmaxDesign 12 Piece
Makeup Brush Set
HIGHCheck It Out

Tips for using makeup brushes

Contrary to the belief that makeup brushes are just for applying the face powder and eye shadow, there are tens of more uses of makeup brushes. From proper lining and combing of your eyebrows to concealing the lines on your neck, makeup brushes are an all in one. Here are some tips to make it easier:

  1. The fan like brushes is for cleaning up excess makeup and powder from the face.
  2. The eyebrow brush is the small angular one.
  3. The lip brush is tiny and grass like and can be used for applying lip gloss.

Hope you will find best possible makeup brush for your needs and budget. If you have any question then you can ask us through comments or you can contact us through contact form. Thanks! Have a great day!!!

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