Almost every girl out there is keenly interested in having long, straight and silky hair. Tough as it is to attain this, due to the obvious unhealthy lifestyle, you can try to style your hair like that for occasional purposes using the hair straightener. It is a tool which runs on electricity and presses your hair using heat to make them straight and smooth. The hair remains straight until your next wash and it is to be noted that it is temporary hair straightening method in which no chemicals are used.

Any lady with curly, wavy and fuzzy hair, with heat styling is in order, to help you get straight, smooth hairs. Well there are other ways too like few moisturizing cremes are there for hair straightening, which needs to be applied for at least over-night to see the results. But, instead here is the easiest and fastest way, which only takes few minutes to achieve straight hairs. You need not do to all the preparations from the last night itself, you can just get ready within few minutes with a newer look every time, you go out for celebrations.

Top 3 Hair Straightener

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Top Hair Straightener Brands

There are many brands which are providing the best hair straighteners to the world.

  1. The very first one is Cool way System, there is a special spray attached, helps in flatiron straighten hairs at lower temperatures.
  2. Agave Healing vapor iron, sucks the oil out of your hairs and collects them in a cartridge, which is refillable.
  3. Salon Tech Silicone 450 Flat iron, its ceramic plates, cuts down the snarls and snags inside our hairs, very easily with a polish due to the consistent heat.
  4. GHD eclipse styler, it maintains the temperature according to the hair density, which results in silkier and shinier hair texture.
  5. Few others are Ladies & Gents Ferrum Professional hair styler, FHI heat runaway styling iron, Remington style therapy frizz therapy flatiron, and the list still goes on.


  1. By using hair straightener, we can have various style formats over our hairs.
  2. Hairs become shinier and smoother.
  3. Sometimes the hairs will get permanent straightening, but the new hairs which will grow will be the same as before.


There are certain disadvantages of using machine over our natural flocks, like

  1. Since we are altering the hairs natural/original texture and style, the bonds inside the hairs can be broken.
  2. Excessive usage of hair straightener might lead your hairs and scalp to get dry. Although disadvantages always depends on the application of the products, if it’s overly used then definitely it will harm your hairs.

Tips for using Hair Straightener

Using hair straightener is quite easy but you might need to know the right method for straightening to properly complete this entire process. Here are some tips to help you with the same:

  1. Do not over heat the straightener when straightening as it can have adverse effects on your hair.
  2. Take small sections of your hair and then slide the rod smoothly around it for best results.
  3. If possible, take help from someone for the hairs at the back of the head.
  4. It is advisable to condition your hair well before straightening it.
  5. Never try to straighten wet hairs directly; it might cause huge damage to your hairs.
  6. We need not to use it daily, because then your hair might start smelling ‘burnt’ and extremely dry, because it soaks the natural moisture.
  7. Before washing your hair, apply hair oil to keep your hair thick, shiny and healthy.
  8. Always remember that hair straighteners are just machines, which is going to affect your natural process of hair growth and nourishment.
  9. Do not forget to use it only sometimes when required and for special occasions.
  10. Always make sure, to buy products from trusted manufactures and companies; you are going to give your one of the best thing in their hands.

Hair is one of the most important parts of our body, which enhances our beauty in many ways. But, since we are born with a single as well as simple style, which may be curly, straight or fuzzy, we always look for some change, to look better and attractive. Many companies have come up with an idea of hair straighteners, unlike hair rollers they helps in enhancing straightness to your hairs. Hope you will find best possible hair straightener for your needs and budget. If you have any question then you can ask us through comments or you can contact us through contact form. Thanks! Have a great day!!!

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