Washing your face is first step to clean your skin. You should wash your face at least twice a day. Washing your face will remove oil, dirt, makeup and many more unwanted things on your face. Impurities on face will cause many skin problems like pimple, darkness etc. Using soaps to wash face is not enough to clean it properly. Specially made face washes are extremely popular now a day.

These face washes not only clean your face but also bring extra freshness and glow on it. A good face wash result in beautiful clean skin and oil free all time. The use of face wash is very popular among teenagers due to quick result and easy to carry. The teens are more prone to facial issues such as pollution, dirt, oil, etc so using face wash cream allows them to get eradicate these problems instantly.

Top 3 Face Wash

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Important Tips to Use Face Wash

The common mistake many of the girls use to make that while using the face wash they also use soap meanwhile, which may result to acne and pimple problems. So, avoid using the soap if you are using face wash, use it for certain duration to get finest result. Before using any of these cosmetic products it is necessary t o consult the skin specialist for better result.

Top Face Wash Brands

  1. Amway
  2. L’oreal
  3. Neutrogena
  4. Everyuth Naturals
  5. Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Face Wash
  6. Nivea Sparkling Glow Fairness
  7. VLCC Mandarin
  8. Clean & Clear
  9. Ponds
  10. Lakme Clean Up

Buying these products is quite easy but applying them perfectly is significant. They are made up with soft healthy ingredients. So it will not harm your skin but still it is vital to apply them perfectly. So can choose the brand as per your taste they will comes in varieties of flavors such as fruits, gel, rose, neem, flower, organic, and natural based products.

How to Apply It

  1. Wet your face properly
  2. Take small portion of face wash cream
  3. Lather into a foam as much you can
  4. Massage gently your face in circular motion
  5. Rinse thoroughly with warm water


  1. Clean your dry face quickly
  2. Make you to look younger
  3. Glow you face
  4. Easy to Apply
  5. Easy to carry
  6. No harmful chemicals
  7. No any side effects
  8. Erase all black spots and dirt


There is not any major drawback of using face wash. They are quite good products for cleaning your face instantly. It is advisable to use branded one always. Using the quality cosmetic products will allow you to be fresh and it will not lead to any sort of side effects. There are numerous merchants are accessible, from where you can by these items. You can easily avail them through online also.

To get the accurate result you just need to do little research about your facial skin type and then pick the product that suit to your skin type. There are various face wash brands are easily available in the market. You can select the best one and use it on frequent basis for better result. When you get up in the morning employ face wash for dirt free face instead of soap, it really helps you to get the glow look throughout the day. In nutshell choose your cosmetic products carefully for better result and always go for the branded one to avoid any side effects.

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