According to recent surveys, eyes are the most important and accentuating feature of a women’s appearance. They need to be expressive, bold and beautiful. For this special feature, there are special makeup and beauty cosmetics too. One of the most prominent of those is eye shadow. Eye shadow is a powder like cosmetic available in different colors and textures that are used to beautify the eyelids. There are many different eye shadow make ups like Smokey eyes, blue peacock shadows and so on. They make the eyes look poetically beautiful and are very useful for women who love putting makeup.

Well, regular people use it for just a beautiful and pretty looks, but majorly it is used by the theater artists and actor actresses. Eye-shadows are predominantly used by females but sometimes by males also. There are many different colors and texture for eye-shadows, available in market to attract the customers. Natural eye shadows vary from glossy shining eyelids to a baby pinkish tone, or even a darker black matte finish. We sorted these well researched top 3 eye shadow in the market. Just decide your budget and requirements and you will find best possible eye shadow for your needs.

Top 3 Eye Shadow

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Benefits of Using Eye Shadow

A beauty enhancing tool that it is, here are some of the best benefits of eye shadows:

  1. Applying an eye shadow enhances your eyes much more than the usual kohl and eyeliner make up that people go for.
  2. These eye shadows are not used by usual people, therefore, you also stand out particularly in a boring crowd if you wear eye shadow.
  3. Since it just like powder, you do not have e to go through much trouble to put on or remove the eye shadow. All you need is a proper brush.

Uses Of Eye Shadow

It is generally a product which extensively used by male and female actors in the industry as well as in the theatres or plays to create an impressive and memorable look generally with bold and bright textures and colors. Certain types of eye shadows are available in market like Cream, Loose and pressed.

Cream eye-shadows work as the base for powder eye shadows. Loose one are those which consist of many different colors, quite tricky to apply and messy. Pressed ones are very common type of shadows, because of their easy to blending nature.

Eyes are most important part of our face, which interacts at times when our mind and lips cant, and the eye shadows just make it pretty and more attractive for the people to understand you.The usage of eye shadows, when applied will make your eyes look more dazzled and sparkling in appearance. After applying the eye shadows, you will pretty and confident and people will gaze at those beautiful eyes.

How to Use Eye Shadow

Before using any eye shadow, we need to figure out certain basic characteristics of our eyes, which can help us in the choice of which shading techniques will work for our eyes. Firstly we need to figure out, the shape of our eyes, and according to our eye shape we can follow the eye shadowing techniques. Select the eye shadow formula which is good for your eyes among cream, loose and pressed.

Instead of working on each eye individually, work on one by one. Finish it off by colors; first apply the lightest color on both and the medium to both and lastly darkest to both the eyes. Always apply a medium quantity; it’s always been easier to add than remove.

It’s always advised to remove your make up 100% off your face, before going to bed. But if it’s not done, then it might lead to some serious issues. Same with an eye shadow, with eye shadows on you might feel angelic, but leaving it on and let it rest for the whole night on your face is not a good option.

The beauty products are all consists of certain chemicals, which when rest over your skin for longer period of time can react over the surface. This reaction, which we cannot understand, can lead to certain unknown marks or unwanted pimples leading to acne or dark spots. So, to prevent our skin from such disasters we should always prefer removing our make up before going off to bed.

Hope you will find best possible eye shadow for your needs and budget. If you have any question then you can ask us through comments or you can contact us through contact form. Thanks! Have a great day!!!

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