Conditioners are generally referred to a hair care product that helps in changing the texture of the hairs by making them appear to be smoother and shinier. These hair conditioners are in liquid state which is applied to hairs when they are wet and massaged properly. Generally they are used after washing hairs with shampoo. It conditions the hair follicle with an immediate visible effect. Due to certain hair damage issues, hairs become dull and dead in appearance as they are important part of our looks and damages causes hairs splitting and getting thin. On the other hand, conditioners smoothed the hairs and make it less static hence easier to style for a different look.

Everyone wants beautiful hair because they are symbol of good personality and beauty. Though beautiful hair will help you to look better, it is not easy to maintain them. You need to protect them from many environmental factors like pollution, dirt etc. Your regular shampoo can help you to wash then and clean them but they can’t prevent these factors to damage your hair before washing. In this situation deep conditioners will help you. These conditioners are different from regular conditioners which you used into shower.

Top 3 Deep Conditioner

IMAGEDeep ConditionerAMAZON
Arvazallia Deep ConditionerArvazallia Deep
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art naturals Deep ConditionerArt Naturals
Deep Conditioner
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silk 18 Deep ConditionerSilk 18
Deep Conditioner
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Reviews of Top Deep Conditioners in 2016

Arvazallia Hydrating Argan Deep Conditioner

Arvazallia Deep ConditionerArvazallia Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner will provide you with saloon like treatment. It will help in transforming the hairs into soft, smooth and silky texture.Especially for damaged and dry hairs, which requires a deep conditioning and moisturizing. Professionally formulated by experts for perfect results.

It deeply conditions and retains moisture of the hair giving a soft and smoother texture with shinny appearance, which will make the users to fall in love with. It helps in deep conditioning of your hair, and strengthens the weak, damaged strands also increasing the volume and making it look shiner, brighter and easy to style.

This product is especially formulated and to restores the texture and softness of our hairs. It also has Highest Quality Cosmetic Grade Argan Oil which nourishes the hairs with essentials vitamins and nutrients. The application of the product is same as the other conditioning oils. Whether your hairs are curly or straight, short or long or black or blonde, this product will work flawless on any type.

No need to use it every day, just use it as per your requirement may be once, twice or thrice a month. The product will deeply hydrate, condition, detangle and revives the dull dry hair resulting into a better manageable, elastic and smooth bunch of strands. This formulated hair mask will renovate and Reinvigorate the volume of your hairs leaving a soft and shiny appearance.

Art Naturals Deep Conditioner

art naturals Deep ConditionerArt Naturals Argan Oil Hair Mask is a completely natural product, which can be used for the treatment of dry, damaged and rough hair and scalp. Its helps in the deep moisturizing of the hair which helps in restoration of damaged hairs. It’s a 100% natural product with full conditioning guarantee or else the full amount will be refunded if not satisfied for any reasons.

The Argan oil hair mask is like any other ‘facial mask’; it’s a leave on and then washes off. For best results, the recommended way to use it is – Apply the oil mask on the towel dried hair, take the quantity as per your hair length requirement. While applying keep more focus on the ends and edges of the hair strands.

After applying leave it to act for some time, and let it work over the damaged area of hairs and split end strands, and let it penetrate follicles as a whole for around 6-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly to wash it off after keeping it for 10 minutes. The hair now will be as if they are newly born, the shining hairs and smoothness can be felt on fingers to make sure the mask worked fine.

To make it completely natural, there are multiple natural ingredients added to get the job done in professionally recorded amounts, which creates a strong product which when applied on hairs will give stronger hairs. Moroccan Argan oil has been added with a purity level of 100% to increase the moisturizing content and to make it more nutritious with nutrition like Vitamin A & B for hair.

The Art Natural has always been providing customer’s a great satisfaction towards their beauty products, which are genuinely natural, organic and safe for health.

Silk18 Natural Conditioner

silk 18 Deep ConditionerAs its name suggest Silk18 Natural Conditioner mostly consists of Silk amino acids, which are naturally derived from silkworm to provide silk like conditioning in hairs. It works on all types of hairs and provides brighter and smoother silk like hair just in time. It’s a 100% natural product and without any artificial fragrances, colors or any other harmful cheap chemicals.

There are so many advantages of Silk 18 which involves strengthening of hairs, restoration of the hairs from a damaged form of split ends with dryness and roughness of hairs. Along with silk amino acids, oils like Argan and jojoba are also included to maintain the quality and texture of the hairs by enhancing their strength.

Along with all amino acids and top most hair care oils, fibrous structured proteins are also present, called as botanical keratin. On mixing keratin with the essential oils of hair care it does wonders, by making hairs healthy and strong. The vanilla flavor has been added just to enhance the aroma of Silk 18, so that after wash the hair could give you a pleasant and wonderful feeling.

It’s a 100% homeopathic solution. And the money will also be refunded if not satisfied fully due to what so ever reasons. Moreover it’s safe for color treated hairs that is it is chemically sulfate free. Its proper application leads to resolving the issues of dry and dull hairs into smoother and conditioned hair. There are a total of eighteen various amino acids which are derived from silk and contributes in the conditioning of hairs.

10 Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin

10 miracle conditionerThe product is highly enriched and formulated with Keratin. Keratin is a fibrous structured protein. It works on the hairs and directly and proving them fibrous rich nutritious proteins. It helps in deeply moisturizing the hair strands giving them a smoother and shinier appearance.

This Miracle Conditioner is famous for its 10 tasks which it does on hairs after application, instantly. The protein enriched formulated keratin, deeply moisturizes the hairs. With its super penetration techniques helps in detangling the knots and smoothing the strands. Also helps in restoring elasticity by maintaining the health of hair strands and protects the original color of the hair from fading away.

Moreover prevents hairs from splitting the strands ends, enhance shine to the hair. Also helps in protecting the hairs from sun damage. As far as the application is required, apply it after washing the hair from shampoo and keep it for 5- 10 minutes, let it rest and work over the hair. After absorption, comb and rinse thoroughly with warm water. The usage of this product can be regular as well as weekly twice, depends upon your requirement.

While applying it, please make sure that conditioners are not for scalp, so apply it only on the hair strands concentrating on the edges and the ends. Since the scalp produce its own oil, but on mixing with conditioner, it can result in oily hair. Make sure to read the ingredients for any allergies with any of them.

Advantages of using hair conditioners

  1. During winters, when our hairs become rough due to the decrease in temperature, it increases the dryness and dullness of hairs with rough scalp. Conditioners can be quite helpful, as it will hydrate follicles, resulting in smooth and soft hairs.
  2. Conditioners have been always advised to be used after hair wash but , when used before doing shampoo hair wash can be more of a shock and can increase the volume of the hairs.
  3. Generally helps in detangle knots and softens without adding any excessive weights to the hair, depending upon the formulation. Seals in moisture and protects against heat damage from blow dryers.

Disadvantages of using hair conditioners

  1. Unless a very light formulation is used while rinsing conditioners can bring down fine strands of hair.
  2. Since the conditioner has to ultimately wash off, it can help in detangling and all but cannot provide enough conditioning for damaged hair.
  3. Sometimes an incorrect formulation can make hairs oily or more dry depending upon the original texture of the hair. Chemicals in products are really cheap so companies end up using chemicals which are harmful for the hair shaft.

How to use hair conditioners

Conditioners can be used in two ways. One is as pre-shampoo conditioner, before shampoo wash of. These are applied before doing shampoo on hairs and focusing mainly on the ends, after keeping it for few minutes, wash it off and then apply shampoo.

Another is regular deep conditioning for hairs which are generally applied as post-shampoo wash of. Firstly make sure that all the shampoo has been rinsed properly, then dry you hair a bit because on wet hair, the conditioner will not stick long enough. Now, take the conditioner depending upon the length of your hair, and gently rub it over to your hair and trying to apply it to every strand you possibly can. Let the conditioner rest for few minutes and then wash it off completely.


The main work of hair conditioners is quite straight forward and easy to understand and that is to condition the hair, make it smoother and easy to detangle and style. They basically are designed to coat hair strands with a variety of ingredients to soothe the damaged strands, seal moisture and act as a protective barriers. It’s very important to not forget that as they can provide amazing results and texture to our hair need to be selected wisely as per our need and hair type. And more importantly they are temporary and can be rinsed.

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