Hair care products are one of the highest selling products in the entire world. More than any other body part it is the hairs which need most of your attention. There is a range of hair products available in the market from hair shampoos to hair conditioners, from a hair dryer to hair styler. Today there are several brands available in the market, and they promise to remove all your hair problems be it dandruff or dryness.

Although not every hair care product can be trusted there are some products which do reasonably well, and if you choose a proper hair care product, it would be right to say that you’ll not have to worry about your hair problems again. One such hair care product which looks promising and can help you get rid of your bad hair days is the Aveda pure plant blue malva shampoo. With its wonderful non-chemical ingredients and formula, it promises to be a better alternative to the available hair products which have lots of chemical components in their formula.

Review of Aveda Blue Malva

Aveda Blue Malva Color ShampooAveda is known for making all-natural products with pure plant and flower essence, and they make their products without using even a pinch of chemical ingredients in them. Like all the other product from Aveda the Blue Malva shampoo is also purely a natural product. One of the major highlights of this wonderful shampoo is that it is gentle yet powerful on your hair and skin.

The Blue Malva shampoo has been manufactured after proper research and kipping in mind the hair problems people face today.This strong purplish blue colored shampoo works effectively on a range of hair types. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, it proves to be an economical product because you’ll need only a little amount of the shampoo for one wash.

It also provides natural shine back to the hair and makes them softer. Along with enhancing the hair color it also cleans the hair scalp wonderfully and gives a fresh feel to the hairs. It also smells good which is one more good thing about the Aveda Blue Malva shampoo. It is manufactured using the blue mall which is found in the forests, and it has to be gathered sustainably. Some other major ingredients of the products are water extracts, leaf powder, and Prunus.

Major Highlights of Aveda Blue Malva shampoo

  1. Manufactured using all natural ingredients.
  2. It nourishes the car from the root.
  3. It cleanses the scalp gently.
  4. Only a small amount can be enough for a single wash.
  5. The Polyquaternium-10 enhances the and makes damaged hair healthier again.
  6. It provides a good and natural tone to the hairs.
  7. Removes the yellowness from the hair which can happen due to several things.
  8. Apart from the cleaning qualities Aveda blue shampoo also has natural fragrance.
  9. It is available easily on Amazon.


With so many product choices available in the market, it is obvious for the consumers to get confused but it is only advisable to go for the products that do not act hard on your body to provide results. The Blue Malva shampoo by Aveda is one of the best non-chemical and all-natural hair product available in the market. Although bit pricey it delivers results and makes your hair healthier in the long run. Although it is shampoo, it can be used as a conditioner occasionally. Given its ingredients and good effects on the hairs, it is a must for the people who are looking to migrate to a water based natural shampoo and no shampoo is a better option than the Aveda Blue Malva shampoo.

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