designer makeupWe all know that high-end designer brands are easily replicated and sold for much cheaper rates or same rates at the time. This is very upsetting for those who spend a bomb only to receive poor quality fake products. These also pose a lot of danger to one’s skin and health and can be very hazardous in the long run. Not only does one get the expected results using these fake products but one also can develop serious skin and health problems due to these low-quality products. Many companies are duplicating the products of costly high-end brands to earn money illegally. Even major stores at times sell fake products encashing on their store name and cheating the customers. There are some ways in which one can identify the fake products and shop smart:

Check the Packaging

The brands come up with a specific packaging of the products which cannot be replicated exactly. While buying one should properly check the authenticity of the pack taking special care of the material used for packaging and the size of the pack. Such brands have the clear pictures of the brand on their website, and one should first check the brand website before plunging into buying.

Buy Cosmetics from Authorized Dealer Only

These brands have a certain section of their website called the store locator or a list of the stores which sells their products. Such stores are licensed by these brands to sell their products and hence the idea of faking is very rare in such stores. One can rest assured of buying the original makeup product from such licensed stores.

Check the Bar Code, Serial Number and Manufacturing Information

Fake products don’t have the barcode or the serial number mentioned at the back of their pack. It might be incorrectly printed which is easy to guess and also sometimes the manufacturing details are not mentioned in the pack. Such little details decide the authenticity of the product. Many high-end brands have their information printed in some languages and also mention the list of ingredients used in the manufacture of the products. So one should check for these details before buying.

Pay Attention to the Smell, Consistency And Shades of the Product

Fake products will have a different smell than the original one, and the consistency of the product will also differ from the original ones. It might be too watery or thick. So one should have a proper idea of the original product’s consistency. The shades of the fake product will also differ than the original one. So be careful as you could easily get duped into buying the wrong product by paying the same amount of money.

Check the Applicators and the Brushes

The applicators and the brushes of fake products are also very different than the original ones, and these will not be long lasting. They will soon become bad or break and will leave you feeling distressed and confused about the quality. The original applicators and brushes have very soft bristles made from very good quality products and these last very long and give effective results. One should also test the makeup on the skin before buying. This assures one of the authenticity of the product.


These simple tips can save one from getting duped and posing serious health hazards to one’s skin. One can also save a lot of money by taking care of original products. The costly brands have spent years and experience on making a product. They finalize it only after testing on a variety of people and factors. Only then do they launch a product. Such a product is then worthy of the money and is harmless for the skin. One should investigate properly before buying a makeup product because a fake one can be very harmful to the skin. Some artificial chemicals could also lead to skin cancer or cause a bout of skin rashes or allergies. Original products are tested on all kinds of skins and are dermatologically approved and tested by doctors and scientists. So one should be sure that one is paying a heavy sum to get the original product and not a fake one. Always trust the original websites for buying and do not get lured by others who claim to deliver at cheaper rates or who do not have a license to sell.

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