nomakeup lookMany a times we wish to go out with a no makeup look or a nude look to complement with our casual attire or to balance our looks with our heavy outfits. But a no makeup look does not mean any make at all, but on the contrary, it means wearing makeup with such art and technique that it gives a natural look to the face. Many people mistake the look for your natural face and at times a no makeup look feels very fresh and charming especially for a morning function when you don’t want to wear a very heavy makeup. But at the same time, one doesn’t want to go out without wearing makeup at all. Certain flaws in the skin need to be concealed, and certain features have to be highlighted because very rare people have the perfect skin. The following tips help one to acquire the no makeup look and look natural:

Get Your Base Right First

First of all, to go for a nude look, it’s necessary for one to have a clean and scrubbed skin. A clear skin doesn’t need one to use oodles of concealers or foundations to even it. Drink lots of water and keep you skin hydrated and clear of pimples and acne. Use a natural moisturizer and one can mix a light concealer or a foundation with the moisturizer and apply it on the face. Use a makeup setting spray or mist, at last, to give a very fresh and dewy look to your skin which can fool anyone with a baby like fresh skin.


Skip the Heavy Foundation

No need of using thick concealers or foundation which give a very cakey look to your skin. A natural makeup look should like luminous and should be able to fool people of it being made up. One can use a light base foundation mostly on the upper lips, chin and nose area and gently blend it with the fingertips. Avoid using a brush or a compact as this makes the makeup look cakey. Finish it off by using a light sunscreen.


Use a Natural Flush Tone

For the blush on your cheekbones, try to use a shade which is very natural and similar to the color of your skin tone. This helps in faking a natural flush tone and adds the same time adding shine and luminosity to the skin which looks very natural and flawless. A flush on the cheeks gives the sign of a healthy and glowing skin, but the trick here is to match it to your skin tone rather than going for a very dark shade.


Skip Heavy Eye Makeup

Skip on putting broad eyeliner to create a natural look. Use very thin eyeliner if necessary. Give more importance to the mascara and try using colorless mascara enough to add volume to your eyelashes. Try to give a lot of volume at the base which helps in creating a naturally thick mascara look. For the eye shadow, one should use a natural colored eye shadow in the cream base instead of the powdered ones which make your face look very dramatic. Cream based nude toned eyeshadows look very natural and can fool anyone to be your natural eyelid tone.


Natural Colored Lipstick

Finally, one has to quit the dark colored lipstick shades and go for a natural glossy lipstick just a shade darker than your original color. This will give a slightly colored but a very fresh look to your face and will complete your natural and no makeup look. A glossy lipstick without shimmer looks like natural and healthy lips just like that of a young teenager and can fool anyone for your natural lip color.


Skillful application of makeup can get a no makeup look which is very essential these days, and one needs to apply makeup daily without looking too dressy or made up all the time. So it is possible to wear the no makeup look which will keep people wondering whether it’s your real skin or a made up one. It’s an art which helps you look natural with perfectly concealed skin and highlighted features without the use of bright or heavy colors or eye makeup. This kind of look feels very fresh and helps you dress up without looking too dressy or overboard.

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