causes of dark spot on a faceA dark spot on face is huge problem now days. There are different reasons to have dark spots but some of them are very common. This article will help you to understand the most common reasons to have dark spots on the face. If you want to know more about dark spot then you can check our best dark spot corrector reviews guide. You will find detailed reviews of top dark spot corrector in the market there. So following are some of the most common causes of dark spot.

Acne: When the holes of our skin commonly known as pores are blocked by dirt particles, any type of bacteria and dead skin which results into a dark popped up pimple, and when this situation is getting repeated then that state of skin is Acne prone skin. Various causes for acne Rosacea (skin disease), PCOS (Poly cystic ovary syndrome), Cushing syndrome, PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome) or excessive growth of unwanted hairs in women. Although the exact reason for acne have not been discovered till date. Relatively, the solution for acne is also not found. On facing acne, people are advised to consult their skin doctors for further treatments.

Sunburns: Very unknown and uncommon reason, according to which if we have just squeezed lemon on our skin surface, and directly moving out to sun can develop a dark spot at that area.The process is called as Bartenders burn .The ultra violet rays of sun are harmful for our skin, which we are aware of, but its more than a reaction when we have layer of vitamin c on our skin. This is sometimes known as sunburn and dark colored patches can be seen as result. Since it’s very uncommon, people generally don’t care for such stuff, but they should since we already know prevention is better than a cure. This type of sunburns can be treated by application of some basic formulated creams.

Damaged skin: According to certain dermatologists, the damaged skin can be a good cause of a dark spot. This damage can be caused due to various reasons some of which can be genetics and age. On one hand , when our skin surface starts producing too much of melanin, due to which healthy cells cant regenerate as quickly as required, which turns into a dark black spot on the skin surface. This varies from person to person, as how much the skin is prone to any infection, and also how much time the skin was out in sun without any protection. The dark spots are generally harmless but look really ugly and it is difficult to remove dark spots. Luckily there are certain creams and ways to fade these away easily.

Hormonal Changes: One of the most important reasons is hormonal imbalance in the body .Generally in women, due to the surges of estrogen and progesterone , taking the pill or being pregnant can be a reason for certain chemical imbalance in the body and resulting in a dark spot over the face. These actually increase the amount of melanin, causing hyper-pigmentation in the form of ‘melasma’, which is more like as tan over the nose area, cheeks, jawline and forehead. For pregnant women, it’s called as ‘the mask of pregnancy’. Generally this type of hyper-pigmentation is automatically removed after the birth of the kid .But, if it doesn’t then there are a whole bunch of creams and corrector are available in the market.

Age spots: The reason for aged people to have dark spots is mostly due to their age i.e. age spots. These spots can be dark grey, black or brown in color on the skin. Their occurrence is mainly on the sun-exposed area of the body i.e. in most of the cases its face. There are several reasons for the development of age spots such as excess production of melanin or pigment, skin aging, unprotected exposure to sun or UV rays. Usually people older than 40 years, are more prone to this kind of spots that’s why they are known as Age-spots. These spots are generally painless and harmless. For its treatment we can always consult to the dermatologist.

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